Taking NFT gaming and meta-verses to mass adoption


By leveraging exclusive connections to sports leagues and major stadiums
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We are partnering with world's sport stadiums one by one

Our partnership with Inter Miami CF gives us full 360-digitization of, and marketing to, hundreds of thousands of sports fans. We are starting with Intermiami and then every major stadium over the next 5 years.

One stadium at a time

XMANNA is bringing blockchain games to the masses

Built on Polygon, we are bridging the XMAN token to Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Solana, and other prime networks

We have partnered with major pro sports stadiums who are looking for solutions to hold their fan’s attention. XMANNA digitizes the sports stadium ecosystem while integrating major blockchain games for fans to interact

Fan loyalty application platform

Create to Earn

Add your own game to the XMANNA platform to generate lifetime revenue

Defi Rewards

Stake MAN token and add liquidity to farm exclusive tokens from pre-existing blockchain gaming projects. Increase awareness of those games

Engagement Rewards

Be rewarded by the stadium in XMAN token but undertaking engagement tasks for each Sports club


Use XMAN token to wager in challenges to win more

Problems XMANNA is solving

Provide easy access for game developers to incorporate crypto and cash paid games into a single platform while leveraging stadium fans

Sports Stadiums

Capturing the attention of the younger generation, which stadiums have struggled to do


New revenue streams for existing blockchain games and a revolutionary route to mass adoption

Several use-cases

Our protocol enables several use-cases such as atomic gaming, crypto-fiat debit loyalty card and incentivized behavioral rewards by leveraging polygon (matic) blockchain

Utilizing polygon’s existing SDK and integrated solutions include cross-chain bridge network, defi compound marketplace and decentralized swaps that allows for low gas fees, quick transactions and micro wagering accepting multiple cryptocurrencies across all xManna games and loyalty applications

Going Beyond Engagement

Our partnership will provide a one-stop solution for rights holders to elevate experiences for their fans

The loyalty application is the robust foundation upon which the cohesion between fans, sports clubs and leagues rests. It allows users to directly engage with their favorite sports clubs and leagues


October 2021
*Live Testing SDK in Private Test Group
*Private Round Fundraising
*Major Sports Team Partnership Contract Signing
November 2021
*Crypto Marketing
*Expand Testing to Major Sports Team Partnership Fan Group
*Begin Integration of Major Sports Team Partnership Application with Loyalty SDK
*Public SDK Launch – Solitaire and MannaWars
December 2021
*Continue Integration Process with Major Sports Team Application and Loyalty SDK
*Continue Crypto Marketing
January 2022
Onboard New Sponsors for Prize Activation
*Public Marketing Campaign
February-March 2022
*Final Testing and Adjustments of Loyalty Application to Prep for Launch
*Main Event Launch at Major Sports Team Partneship – unveiling of Loyalty Application to fans and public

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